Searching for Faith

We’ve all got questions we could ask about religious faith. Questions we’d like to ask God.

But if God isn’t available, perhaps a vicar would be the next best thing.

So, every once in a while, we gather up a group of people who would like to hear answers to their questions, and give them their chance. No question is too trivial, no answer is too deep. We try to cultivate an atmosphere of respect, where everyone listens to everyone else.

If you’d like to come along the next time we do it, let us know.

Over the years, there have been a lot of questions asked. The list that follows isn’t exhaustive, but it’s been getting longer as time goes by.

  1. Belief
    1. Is there a God?
    2. What is the purpose of life?
    3. What if we are not here by chance?
    4. Why is the world a mess?
    5. Who is Jesus?
    6. What if Jesus was who he said he was?
    7. Why did Jesus die?
    8. Who is the Holy Spirit?
    9. What does the Holy Spirit do?
    10. Does the spiritual world exist?
  2. Hard questions
    1. Why do innocent people suffer?
    2. Why are some babies born disabled?
    3. What do Christians think about
      1. abortion,
      2. homosexuality,
      3. euthanasia,
      4. just war
    4. How can you say God loves me in a world of suffering?
    5. Has science disproved Christianity?
    6. What happens when I die?
    7. Is England a Christian country?
    8. Isn’t religion just a …
      1. con
      2. crutch
      3. source of wars
  3. Getting in touch with God
    1. Why and how should I read the Bible?
    2. Why and how do I pray?
    3. Does prayer work?
    4. How can I be sure of my faith?
    5. How does God guide us?
  4. Living the Christian life
    1. Do I have to go to church?
    2. How can I live my life God’s way?
    3. How can I resist evil?
    4. Why and how should we tell others?
    5. Does God heal today?
    6. What about the church?
    7. How can I make the most of the rest of my life?
    8. How does Jesus make sense of life?
    9. What does it mean to be a Christian?
    10. How can I serve God in my life?
    11. Does God want all my money?
    12. What is Holy Communion all about?