Booking Details

Mission Room Booking

Please read the following instructions, and feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


£20 per session, where a session is morning, afternoon or evening.

Booking enquiries

Ring 07936 021533 or email


Will be needed 7 days in advance. We request that regular bookings should be paid up at least one month in advance. Payment can be made by cheque (made out to PCC Little Amwell) and posted to Glyn Barker, 5 Mandeville Road, Hertford SG13 8JG or by bank transfer. Details follow:

Bank: Barclay’s
Account Name: The Parochial Church Council of Little Amwell
Account Number: 20554472
Sort Code: 20-20-37


The key is stored in a keysafe attached to the wall of the Mission Room. If you are a one-off booking, you will be told the code for the keysafe once your payment has been received.

Enter the code, then turn the knob clockwise to open. If you keysafe closeupmake a mistake, reset the keypad by turning the knob anticlockwise. When replacing the cover, you need to enter the code again to release the lock.

Regular bookers will be notified when the code is changed.

Other Information

Please ensure that, if you have used the heating, you return the thermostat to 10 degrees as you leave. Stack the chairs and tables neatly, and ensure that the room is left clean and tidy. All bookings should finish by 10.30pm, and the building vacated by 11pm. Return the key to the keysafe as you depart.