Special Services

If you would like to get married here, or you are interested in a baptism service, maybe for your child, we’d love to help.


Our church is a lovely location to get married in, and a wonderful opportunity awaits you to put God at the centre of your marriage. The building can seat up to 100 people, and while we can’t promise you exclusive use of the building all day, we can do a lot to make your big day as special as possible.

Contact Nick Sharp to discuss possibilities, or to make a booking. If you live in the parish, or have a close connection with it, we could be the place for you.

To help you plan your wedding, visit the Church of England’s wedding website.

If you would like to know more, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, which may give you the information you need.


Often called christenings, this is a lovely way to ask God to bless your child and seek his help to be good parents. We offer two main alternatives: please take some time to think which is most suitable. The decision is yours, but we will be glad to advise you. First is Christian Baptism. You say publicly that you believe in God and follow Jesus, so it is the official way, the ‘sacrament’ of joining the church. Many Christian parents bring their children to be baptised, promising to bring them up in the Christian faith. This service will be on a Sunday, when the rest of the church family is present to welcome you.

But perhaps you’re not sure of your Christian commitment, or perhaps you don’t want to make promises on behalf of your child. So we offer a service of Thanksgiving, which provides everything in the paragraph above, but you don’t have to say publicly that you are a Christian, or to promise to bring up your child in the church. You can still choose ‘godparents’ for your child, though you don’t have to, and their role won’t be quite the same. This service can take place at any time to suit you. To find out more and help you choose, have a look at a comparison of the two services.

Contact Nick Sharp to discuss it further.