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How much will our wedding cost?

How can I find out if we are eligible to be married here?

I’m divorced. Can I still get married in church?

Do you offer any guidance or preparation before we get married?

What do we need to think about as we plan our service?

How much will our wedding cost?

We’re sorry to say it’s a little complicated!
The cost of your wedding comes in three parts: statutory fees, extras, and an additional voluntary contribution. Most of it will be paid to us, but a small amount will probably be paid to the church where your banns need to be called (your home church, if you don’t live in our parish).

The statutory fees (in black) must be paid for any wedding. They contribute towards the cost of paying your vicar’s living costs and the church’s costs in maintaining the building and the church’s work.

The extras (in blue) are the other people who help out to make your wedding day happen. Strictly speaking you do not need to pay these, but without them your wedding would lack a certain sparkle!

The final section (in red) is an additional voluntary contribution. We’re not in the business of making a profit out of you, but keeping our beautiful building going is a very expensive undertaking, and we receive no help from the government, or any other source. We hope that you will be willing to support the ongoing work of our church in this way.

If you would really struggle to pay even the statutory fees, please don’t worry. We believe in marriage, so much so that we wouldn’t want finance to put you off getting married. Please talk to us about the situation, and we will do what we can to help.

Have a look at this table, and see if it makes things any clearer.




How can I find out if we are eligible to be married here?

The first question is, do you live in our parish? This link will show you our parish boundaries on a map. If you live in the parish, then yes, you are entitled to be married here.

If you don’t, there are plenty of other options.  You may have a strong connection with this church that entitles you to a wedding here. If one of you has ever lived in the parish, or if your parents have, for at least 6 months – that qualifies you.

If you were baptised here, or prepared for confirmation in this church, if you or your parents have regularly attended services here for 6 months or more – that qualifies you.

Still reading? Maybe your parents or your grandparents were married here – that qualifies you.

If you’re still reading, and you haven’t been able to answer yes to any of these questions, then if you are willing and able to start attending church regularly for at least 6 months before your wedding, that will qualify you to be married here.


Do you offer any guidance or preparation before we get married?

Each year we invite couples to a session in which we discuss together the meaning of the vows that you will be making to each other. The responses that we have received tell us that couples find this a helpful way of thinking about what makes a church wedding distinctive, what is special about the Christian understanding of marriage. It’s not compulsory, but hopefully it’s helpful.


What do we need to think about as we plan our service?

You will meet with whoever is taking the service at least twice before the big day. Here are some of the questions he will ask you to think through.

Decorating the church

You are welcome to employ a florist to decorate the church, but we ask that you discuss with us well in advance what works best in our building.


There are normally three hymns in the service. You can also choose music for the entry of the bride; to be played during the signing of the registers; and as you leave.


There will always be one reading from the Bible. You can choose it if you like, or leave it up to us. You are welcome to choose additional reading(s), provided you clear them with us first.

Doing the reading might be a good opportunity to invite a particular friend to play a part in the service.

Order of Service

If you are having a printed order of service, let us know and we can show you some samples to give you ideas, and advise you on what elements it needs to contain.

Photographs and Video

Your official photographer and videographer will need to speak to whoever is taking the service, either directly before it begins or by coming to the rehearsal. We welcome people taking photographs, but ask that no one uses flash during the service.


We will need to book a time for you both, together with your friends and family who are playing important parts, in order to walk through the service together. We suggest either the day before your wedding, or the day before that, usually around 6pm if you can make it.


Please make cheques payable to “PCC Little Amwell” or ask us for our bank details to make a transfer, and make sure we receive it two weeks before the service.

Above all …

Look forward to your big day and enjoy it to the full. We’re looking forward to it too, and the privilege of celebrating your love in God’s presence, together with your family and friends.


I’m divorced. Can I still get married in church?

We believe that marriage is for life, but also recognise that sadly, some marriages do fail.

Get in touch with Nick Sharp and speak to him about your situation. He will want to talk to you frankly about your past and your hopes for the future and will let you know whether we can remarry you.